Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heater FPC - Ultra

Extreme performance under hard water
Rocksun Ultra is the best solar water heating solution for hard water.
Using the latest technology and the highest quality manufacture from the house of Rocksun, Rocksun Ultra meets your water heating needs even in the hardest water conditions, without the worry of corrosion, leaks or blockages.

Zero blockages
Rocksun Ultra’s advanced heat exchanger system transfers heat from the collector to the tank through specially formulated fluid, meaning the copper tubes remain free from the sediments that cause blockages.

Corrosion-free system
Rocksun unique high resistance glass-enamelled tank prevents corrosion from hard water ensuring the system stays leak free.

Hygienic and safe
Rocksun unique glass enamelled tank prevents the build-up of rust and bacteria, keeping your hot water clean and hygienic.
Most efficient heating performance
Rocksun all new full-plate absorber with highly selective German coating through sputtering technology provides more area to absorb sunlight and emits almost no radiation, meaning faster water heating.
By using the most advanced solar glass, the new collector gives better performance even in cloudy weather.
The latest laser welding technique gives superior durability and heat transfer.
Total peace of mind
With a 5 year guarantee for tank and collector and 7 year performance warranty, you can rest assured that Rocksun Ultra is the dependable choice.

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