Solar Power Plant (Solar On Grid System)

A Solar Grid-tied invertor converts the DC output of PV modules into AC power suitable for transmissio on the owner grid, or uses it for your own consumption, often deploying reactive power to meet new grid codes. It must always optimize the power output via MPPT(Maximum Power Point Tracking) and additionally monit both the system and grid connection. In practice, each solar invertors installed in solar power grid. Its more efficient the invertor. the better the LCOE(Liveliest Cost of Elecricity)generated by the system.

Applications Educational Institutes Residential Small & Medium Commercial Hospitals Hotels


How does it Works?
PV Grid connected invertors operate at a lower, safer volatage from the PV array, while having the advantages of reliability, flexibility and improved energy yield. using lower voltages on the PV side means there are lower voltages in your roof eliminating high voltage hazards and giving peace of mind to installers and service personnel.

By using short multiple strings of panels, PV grid connected invertors make sure that there are more paths for electricity to flow. which ensures minimal power loss due to varying environmental or panel conditions.

Working Principle Installing the Grid tie solar invertor consists of mounting it to the wall and connecting the DC input to a PV array and the AC output to the utility.

High total efficiency - High reliability and efficiency with low auxilary consumpation for rapid return on investment. MPPT effienccy > 99.90%; Maximum efficiency> 97.5%

PV Compatibility - Grid tie invertor is designed to take advantage of solar modules configured as high voltage PV string arrays - with an input voltage maximum power point range of 150 to 550 Vdc.

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) to harverst the maximum amount of envergy from the solar array provide single and double MPP trackers for different application demands.

Proven technology platform - High relability and long operating life for secured return on investment.

Compact state of the art design - Transformer less design. Low space requirement, with fast and easy installation and serviceability for reduced overall cost.

Robust enclosure, with IP65 rating - Suitable for outdoor installation communication Interface & Monitoring Software.