Solar Power Plant (Solar Off Grid System)

Solar Power Conditioning Unit(PCU) is an integrated system consisting of a soalr charge controller, it provides the facility to charge the battery bank either through solar or Grid/DG set. The PCU continuosly monitors the state of batter voltage, Solar power output and the loads.

Due to sustained usage of power, when the battery voltage falls below a preset level the PCU will automatically transfer the load to the Grid / DG power and also charge the Batteries through the in-built grid charger. once batteries are charged to the preset level, the PCU cuts of the Grid/DG power from the system and will restore to feeding the loads from the battery bank & continue to charge the battery bank fro the available solar power.

Type of Solar Cells : Mono / Poly Crystal Line
Inverter : PCU
Wave Form : Sine Wave
Battery Type : Tubular / c10 Rating
Charging Hour : 5 - 6 Hours
Operating Volts : 230 Volt AC
Mounting Structure : MS Painted
Interconnecting Wires : Provided
Interconnecting Wires : Provided

Micro controler / DSP based design
Solar PV reverse volatage protection
Electronic over current from changing protection
Takes "ZERO" current from input if solar power is present
No mechanical contract for change controller
Provides power from the solar panel in backup mode
overload, Short-Circuit, Low Batt and multi stage control protection
Efficient AC to DC conversion
Solar Charge controller based on technology reduces electricity
Auto Reset Feature
Spare fuse box available at the back panel